Foundation Speaker Stand Theory    



First principals of Hi Fi, any thing that is part of your system will affect the final sound to lesser or greater degree. Bad design speaker stands can not help the speaker produce its possible performance and would change the basic character of a speaker.


Foundation was looking for a stand that could open up of the speakers’ natural sound without changing the basic character of a speaker. By 1982, “Formula Fill had evolved, a mixture of filling material that could be applied to the simple stand structures developed in 1979. A formula was devised that enabled almost any speaker to be maximized, plus a universal filling that would suit 90% of the then available, small to medium speaker.


Drivers are engine of a speaker, controlled electromagnetically, good design leaves no room for error here. But a box, no matter what its shape, or material, expands and contracts with the pressure created internally by the moving drivers. This movement is manifest as a harmonic of the driver, that would be fine if it was constant. But, pressure variation is random according to the source material. So, while, the cabinet is moving to accommodate one pressure, the drive unit is already creating an entirely different pressure level, the passive cabinet is always way behind the drive unit.


The cabinet has its own sound signature, get ride of this and then we can listen to what the engines, our drive units, are really doing. A cabinet creates energy, (confused harmonic vibration), this energy has to go somewhere, it therefore moves the air around it, very much as the drivers are doing, creating sound. This is the distortion we here mixed in with the pure sound of the controlled drive unit.


Cabinet distortion can be absorbed especially at the lower frequencies. This was proved by filling a stand entirely with molten lead. When cool, a speaker was placed on the stand and auditioned. Base frequencies completely disappeared, leaving the most amazing mid and treble reproduction. Conclusion, uncontrolled low frequency harmonics mask a speaker overall performance.


Foundation Formula Fill is the result of those early experiments, the trick being, to absorb just enough harmonic energy from the cabinet, without taking anything away from the true performance of the speaker. Some cabinets, although very few, do have remarkable control over their own harmonics. But even then, they still need help, Foundation Formula Fill is the answer.


Foundation stands have many years of practical experience. The Foundation stand is there to help your speaker produce its best possible performance. It will not change the sound of your chosen speakers, but simply, help you to access and enjoy music more.




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